Novel Frankenstein Essay

Your paper must be MLA formatted with proper in-text CITATIONS and a Work Cited page. Refer to Rules When Writing About Literature. Also, be sure to follow the guidelines on creating Academic Tone before drafting. There are no rewrite opportunities for this assignment, so please be sure to read the assignment directions carefully, and email me with any questions. Submit the essay by clicking here.

Write a well-developed, 4 paragraph paper which discusses all of the following:

Paragraph 1 – introduces the novel Frankenstein and its author by explaining how this piece of literature exemplifies the ideals or characteristics of Romanticism (using specific references to the text)
Paragraph 2 and 3 – Each paragraph discusses a theme (different one in each paragraph) that evolves from this novel. Prove your theme interpretation by making several specific references to happenings in the text and/or quotes. Possible subjects for themes include, but are not limited to the following:
unchecked ambition




nature verses nurture

appearances verses reality

duty verses responsibility

justice verses injustice

ethical science

Again, these are only a few subjects to consider. A theme, however, is the commentary you believe the author is making regarding this subject. For example, if the subject was “love”, an interpreted theme might be “love can overpower all adversity.” Also, please realize that a theme should never be expressed in terms of a cliche, such as “love conquers all.”

Paragraph 4 – Comments on whether you believe these interpreted themes are relevant and thought provoking for today’s society. If yes, use specific examples to explain. If no, explain what has changed to no longer make the themes relevant.

Your paper must be MLA formatted with proper in-text citations and a Work Cited page. Essays should follow the Rules When Writing About Literature. Essays must also have proper academic Tone by following these guidelines.

The Following are General Tips for Creating an Academic Tone in Your Writing

Avoid using contractions
Avoid using the word “thing”
Avoid using the words “you” or “your”
Have an original and intriguing title for your essay, not simply the subject of your paper
Avoid stating obvious information
Avoid using cliches
Avoid using first person (“I” “to me” “in my opinion”) in your writing
Never submit an essay that has not been reviewed by the spell check/grammar check tool
Never submit an essay that has not been carefully reread aloud!

Title to your essay:

Your title must be original and should imply your thesis. Your title should not be the title of the piece of literature.


Your introduction paragraph must have each of the following:

Opening lead: You must grab the reader’s attention to your essay. Some techniques that could be used are: rhetorical question that relates to the subject of the essay; a relevant quotation from the work itself or from another source; a brief passage of dialogue or description from the work; a description of your initial response to the work; a reference to a current issue or problem that relates to the work; a shocking, amusing, challenging, or clever generalization that will lead naturally to your thesis.

Author and title of work: The first time you refer to an author, use his or her full name. Thereafter, use only his or her last name. Present the title using appropriate punctuation.

Short story: “The Storm”

Poem: “Ballad of the Landlord”

Play: A Doll House

Brief summary of the work: Be careful not to retell the story. A summary should be concise, comprehensive, coherent, and unbiased.

Thesis statement: This one sentence should be focused, specific and have an assertion.


The Misfit’s Twisted Personality

What turns a man into a murderer? Does time in prison rehabilitate a man, or does it make him even more evil? Answers to these questions can be found in the short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor. The Misfit, imprisoned for murdering his father, has escaped from a prison and encounters a family of six after their accident on a lonely road in Georgia. He methodically orders the murder of Bailey, his wife, and their three children, and then the oldest family member – the grandmother – by shooting her three times in the chest. The forces that produced this evil, misshapen personality were the Misfit’s relationship with his father, his experiences in prison, and his confusion over religion.

Body paragraphs:

The basic pattern of the body paragraphs can be outlined this way:

Topic sentence
Introductory information (background) for the supporting quote
Quotation from the work that proves the topic sentence
Analysis showing how and why the quote proves the topic sentence
Transitional words or sentences to prepare for a second supporting quotation
Introductory information for the quotation
Quotation that strongly supports the topic sentence
Analysis – thoroughly developed – of the details in the quotation that prove the topic sentence.


The Misfit’s early life was marked by ambivalent feelings about his father. When the grandmother suggests that he must come from good people, the Misfit responds, “`…my daddy’s heart was pure gold’” (127), but then later adds, “` He [his father] never got in trouble with the Authorities … Just had the knack of handling them”’ (129). On the one hand, The Misfit suggests that his father was an upright man, but his mention of the authorities implies that his father was an evil man who was clever enough to escape the punishment that his deeds deserved. This dual view suggests that The Misfit loved his father but that he also saw his father’s flaws. This could lead to feelings of distrust that might have been fueled by his father’s judgment of him. The Misfit tells the grandmother, “`My daddy said I was a different breed of dog…”’ (128). This labeling could have affected The Misfit’s self-esteem, and since his father said he was different, he decided to live out that role. He was “into everything” (129), and that probably led to the conflict with his father which resulted in The Misfit’s murdering him. Because he both loved and hated his father, his conscious mind could not acknowledge this terrible act, and so he has repressed it. Obviously, The Misfit’s psychotic personality has been produced by his father’s influence.


Your conclusion must summarize your topic sentences and thesis. However it must also comment on the significance of the ideas either to the audience it was written for, and/or to audiences today. An effective conclusion technique for the last sentence is to use the title of your essay, or a close variant of it.


Unless you have been asked to write an informal response, do not use first person (I) and the second person (you) in your essay.
When referring to literature, you should typically use the present tense.
Poor: Eveline decided to stay in Dublin.

Better: Eveline decides to stay in Dublin

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