Nuclear Medicine

Topic is I-123 MIBG for pheochromocytoma imaging Advanced Procedure Paper and Presentation Drawing from available literature, references, and examples previously completed in one of the imaging clinics, a procedure summary will be prepared by the student outlining an assigned nuclear medicine advanced imaging study. Minimum requirements for the discussion include the following: -What is the pharmaceutical(s) names, route, timing and doses, as well as their mechanism of localization? -Are there any concerns, special handling issues, or supply issues with the pharmaceuticals used for this exam? -What are the clinical indications for doing the exam? -What are the contraindications for doing the exam? -Are there any special considerations or warning about doing the exam? -Is there any special information, other exams, or history needed before you perform this exam? -What is the patient preparation for this exam? -Does this exam involve any other pharmaceutical or medical interventions? -How is the exam performed? What type of camera and imaging – planar, SPECT, PET, whole body, dynamic, static? -What are the specifics of the exam images, i.e. views, matrix size, timing of when images occur (delays etc.), length of time of images, number of counts in image, speed that camera moves, and number of times or angles that the camera moves? -How does this procedure compare to other similar technologies? -Does it compete or support other technologies? -Detail the difference between a normal versus an abnormal exam. Specifics of the paper -The paper should be of a sufficient length to appropriately cover the topic (no minimum) that the readers will have enough time to adequately review its content (excluding references, any significant space used by illustrations and/or tables, and a glossary). Please use Times New Roman 12 point type (so it’s readable) as well as double line spacing so that the readers have space to edit. -Have at least 5 unique resources (i.e. texts or medical journals), with no more than 2 of these resources from peer reviewed web pages; and it should be formatted in APA style (additional resources to assist you with this are available upon request)

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