Nurse Practice in Reproductive Health Care

Discussion: Elements of Gynecologic History Development of gynecologic patient histories requires practitioners to recognize the various elements that are necessary to construct a history that is accurate and relevant. This effort requires consideration of the chief complaint and multiple other elements, including effective communication with various populations including those in the LGBTQ+ community, to ensure a productive screening and subsequent examination. This Discussion will help you finalize the Part 2 section of your Module 1 Assignment. Photo Credit: Getty Images For this Discussion, you will explore the appropriate elements of a complete gynecologic history. You also will consider the appropriate questions to pose in a patient assessment. To prepare: As you finalize your Module 1 Assignment for this week, consider the following questions in preparation for your Discussion: What other things do you need to consider for your patient? Think about considerations for LGBTQ+ individuals as well. What health maintenance guidelines might be needed for follow-up (i.e., bone density test, Gardasil vaccine, shingles, etc.)? What questions would you consider in your patient’s assessment? For example What is your patient’s living situation? Do they have stairs? Do they live by themselves? Do they have a working refrigerator? Post your definition of the elements of a gynecologic history and an explanation of potential screenings you would recommend. Be specific and provide examples. Also, identify the health maintenance guideline questions you might need to consider when conducting a patient assessment. Include any additional information related to LGBTQ+ individuals. (Note: Your post should be at least 2-3 paragraphs).

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