Nurses to Work In Specialty Areas

Importance of allowing Nurses to Work In specialty areas and having a pathway for nurses after obtaining a specialty. (generally) Please draw in to what is happening more in the Bahamas. here its as if there is no pathway after a nurse obtains a specialty for e.g midwifery, eye, etc also for a nurse that obtains an MPh in nursing there is no pathway thus because of it nurses are leaving what I want it to include is the importance of a pathway and more so the STRATEGIES TO ACCOMPLISH THIS WHAT IS THE BENEFIT FROM THIS E.G SERVE AS A GREAT RETENTION PLAN EXAMPLE OF A PATHWAY FOR A NURSE NURSE who HAS A 1) MPH 2)MASTERS OF NURSING 3)EMERGENCY TRAINED NURSE…… AND EXAMPLE OF WHAT PATHWAY SHOULD SHE OR HE BE ABLE TO TAKE

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