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RespondA successful presentation connects the audience to the message. The presenter is considerate of the audience’s interests, which helps to motivate, develop understanding, and inspire (Corwin, Prunuske, & Seidel, 2018). During a project management process, many people from various backgrounds are required to generate a successful project outcome. It is crucial that as a project presenter, you are aware of the audience’s knowledge, experience, as well as their interests (Corwin et al., 2018). Being aware and understanding their differences will help the presenter deliver the message more effectively and efficiently.The most immediate presentation opportunity will be during the planning phase. The project manager must gain approval and buy-in to help support the mission to be able to implement the process successfully. The target audience is generally senior leadership, stakeholders, and clinical staff members. During this time, the project manager needs to present a clear and concise message that is easily understood and helps to engage the audience. Presentation strategies such as defining main points, delivering the material in a logical and structured manner, and building on previous viewpoints will limit misunderstandings, therefore increasing support (Michener, 2015).Audience engagement and allowing for feedback during the presentation is also an essential component to delivering a successful project presentation. Project tools can also help convey project significance. Tools such as diagrams, pictures, and videos are useful to educate and communicate data, project details, and provide explanations for each objective and goal (Michener, 2015). Other important concepts are presentation preparation, which will assist the presenter in staying focused and alert throughout the presentation. Being able to provide identifiable and useful information to support the project will create more support and produce an effective presentation.

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