nursing term reflection paper

For your paper, you shouldReflect on how your classes this term, introduction to professional nursing, nursing skills, Pharmacology, and simulations have impacted your current practice as an LVN and how this skills integration class has either helped/hindered improving or growing your skill set. You should include what nursing theory (or theories) you saw used while in clinical. Some examples would include Orem’s self-care model, Watson’s model of human caring, King’s model of goal attainment. You should list examples of how you saw them applied during your clinical hours.The paper should include the biggest practice issue you’ve noticed in your current practice. For example, any cultural or social factors that you noticed affecting the patient population you serve. What types of interdisciplinary collaboration have you notice used (i.e. holistic treatments, therapies, consultations, etc.)?List any event(s) that you have witnessed that demonstrated leadership and how it impacted patient safety and quality improvement.Due to COVID 19 we did not have real life hospital experience, instead we used oxford medical simulation and swift river to do virtual clinical. Classes I took this termIntro to nursing ( learned nursing process, delegation, legal responsibilities, nursing theories… PharmacologyRN skills (learned skills(head to toe, medication adminitrations)…. , how to write nursing diagnosis, case studies, Swift river, oxford medical simulation)Having zero experience was verve racking and hard for me when other students has minimum of 7 yrs of experience in the hospital. I felt like I was the only person who did not have any understanding of health care system. I tried my best to study before and after the classes. The first clinical was very hard because I had no knowledge about anything to be able to do my clinical however, taking pharmacology with RN skills class helped me a lot to understand the drugs that I am encountering during virtual simulation. Even though I did not have in person clinical I got to use OMS to do patient care. It made me feelmore comfortable and I really think it has helped me get prepared to do the in person patient care. It shows which part I have missed, and gave thorough explanation of what to do next time. I was able to learn when to call the doctor and which assessments I had to do before I call other interdisciplinary team members. I think OMS should be continued even after the pandemic is over. Leadership takes an essential role in patient care. It will impact the duration of the hospitalization and the condition of the patient.

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