Obesity in America

An introductory hook (or a fully written introduction) A thesis that ends your introduction At least three body paragraphs Quotations and citations from your textbook source, two academic journal sources (from Week 2), and possibly an additional reading (remember, your final paper requires a total of four sources to be used) Comments to be included in your conclusion (or a fully written conclusion) Your APA formatted references (your final paper will require your textbook source, two sources from Keiser’s e-Library, and one additional credible source) Your outline should contain 500-700 words. Remember, your final paper due at the end of this course will require at least 1,000. Include APA formatted citations (Last name, YEAR, p. ___ or para. ___) Include APA formatted references No more than 20% of your outline should be outside sources Submit your outline in the assignment area by Sunday, 11:59 PM

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