Observational Studies

After completing the textbook reading on conducting Observational Studies (Chapter 21, page 532), please view the short film Tango (1982) directed by Zbigniew Rybczy?ski by selecting the link below. (The film is 8 minutes and 13 seconds long; no narration, music only.) Video link opens in a new window/tab: Tango (1982) by Zbigniew Rybczy?ski During the video, take observational notes about the people, place, and activity.  Once you have finished the video, reflect on your observations including your personal reactions and insights. Remember that your goal is to describe and analyze. Assignment Requirements: Check that your observational writing from the video is approximately 500-600 words, if not expand on your notes based on your reactions and insights. Submit your observational writing through this link in Word format (.doc and .docx file type). For more information on Observational Studies read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observational_study

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