Occupational Health and Safety

The objective of this assignment is to stay up-to-date on relevant OHS issues covered by the media. For this purpose, write about the following issue covered in the media. Link is provided below. Write a report that provides the following: 1) a summary of a health and safety incident that was reported on in print/online media. 2) an analysis of the relevant health and safety legislation! ( Critically analze the situation and describe in detail, this requires in depth analysis of the legislation! 3) a conclusion about how this event could have been avoided and what safety measures should be in place to prevent it in the future.https://globalnews.ca/news/7409042/southlake-hospital-nurse-injured/ Please use information from powerpoints and other sources on ” occupational health and safety” IN ONTARIO LAWS to answer the questions. This is a 5th year university paper that required IN DEPTH ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL THINKING TO RESPOND TO QUESTION

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