Ocean Acidification on Dolphins

find and research at least two peer-reviewed research articles related to your topic.  You are welcome to use any background material such as technical reports, magazine articles, etc., but the substance of you research presentation and paper will come from these research articles.  Due by Friday, November 13th are the following 2 things–for each article, i need a copy of the first page and article abstract and a 2-page article summary for each peer reviewed paper. Please pay attention to the following:  each article summary should be 2-pages in length, double-spaced, 12 pt font, excluding any reference or citation to the article itself.  There should be a clear article citation in APA format.  Remember that this summary should be based on a peer-reviewed research article (meaning a legitimate scientific paper, not Wikipedia or Science Daily).  The summary should succinctly give the relevance of the broader topic, what the objective of the research was, how it was done, and what the significant findings were.

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