Oedipus The King

Drama EssayListed below are two passages from each of the plays we have read this semester. Write a fully-developed thesis-and-support essay in which you do a close reading of oneof the passages, or of a passage of your own choice.If you takethis latter option, please consult with me beforehand so that we can ensure your choicewill be a good passage to write about. You only need to choose a single passage, so you will be writing on just one of the two plays. Why is the passage significant? What theme or themes does it contain? What motifs? What does the passage reveal in terms of plot and character, and how do these elements help to dramatize the theme or themes—convey them? What imagery and diction patterns do you discern in the passage, and again, how do these express the theme or themes? What is the passage’s meaning in relation to the rest of the play? Where does it occur in the plot and in the representation? Is it a crisis, a turning point, or a resolution? How does it fit intotheoverall pattern of character development, and of imagery and diction? Does it echo an earlier passage, or will it be echoed by a later one, and to what effect or with what significance?(The preceding are thought questions, notan outline for your paper. You should consider all of the questions above, but you should organize your paper according to the logic of your reading of the passage and the logic of the coherent argument you are making to support your thesis.)In your essay, be as detailed and specific as possible, quoting portions of the passage at hand and analyzing and interpreting (close reading) that material in light of the given point you are trying to make and your overall thesis. Cite other parts of the play that have a bearing on the passage you select for analysis, particularly if they help you to do your close reading. Be as thoroughas possible as well, making your thesis comprehensiveand your analysis and interpretation of the passage under consideration—your close reading—full and complete,butusing it as a jumping-off point to discuss the whole of the play as well.Oedipus the King1. lines 643-703, pages 742-7442. lines1472-1511, pages 764-765A Raisin in the Sun1.Act II, Scene II, pp. 942-top of 945 (part of scene withMrs. Johnson)2. Act III, pp. 967-969 (to when Travis bursts in at the end of Mama’s speech)Length: 3 pages (about 750 words); this is a minimum—your essay can be longer, if you wishFormat: MLAMode of Submission: Word document submitted via Turnitin (instructions to follow)

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