Olympic Bid

We are working as a group to put together a Winter Olympic bid for the future. This is for my sports marketing class.  The Country is Sweden we have chosen, and the City Osterlund.  I am assigned with the following, which you need to research and put into writing.  Part 1 of assignment: Weather Which month is it best for it to take place in Osterlund Sweden? Most like February as that is the primary month the Winter Olympics happens. Please write about why you’ve chosen February and what the weather is like in Osterlund, Sweden at that time. It is crucial to be detailed orientated as this is meant to go to the IOC. Please include the months for both the Olympics and Paralympics that happen. Part 2 of assignment: Broadcasting & Competitors Broadcasting portion: Please research and determine who are the major broadcast networks in Osterlund, Sweden (both locally, within the country of Sweden and outside the country) that usually broadcast the Olympics. But please be specific about the city and the country itself…. focus more on those and a couple of general international broadcast stations. Competitors portion: Once you have figured out the broadcasting stations etc. Please give more information on how they are competitors with one another. This needs to all be put into great detail. Please include the information for both the Olympics and Paralympics that happen. Part 3 of assignment: Where should the Olympic Village be located? Please research the City of Osterlund, Sweden and find out a place where the athletes lodging could be within the City. It needs to be specific, and a large venue but separated accommodations for all the athletes that are appropriate. If you must, you could come up with a plan to build an athletes village within the City, but again, you’d need to be specific about the location, land assembly, how it would be built, how long it would take and the sizing of the accommodation. It is best to look at the last Winter Olympics and see how they did it.  Please include information for both the Olympics and Paralympics that happen.

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