Online Education for Adult Learners

Compose a 1500 words assignment on online education is effective for adult learners. Needs to be plagiarism free! As the report stresses importance for distance learning has been realized and has led to increase in popularity of online education among the adults. Online education has achieved success, still certain individuals give preference to traditional, classroom style education and certain are in the favor of online education. Those in the favor of traditional learning methods assert that students learn in a better manner when they are involved in learning along with other students. A recent change in education has been experienced as both distance and traditional learning methods have been integrated. One of the major concerns associated with distance learning is communication that takes place between teachers and students. Due to this, measures have been taken in order to increase communication between learners and instructors in the case of distance learning. Distance learning has undoubtedly made great progress and is one of the preferred methods of obtaining education for adult learners.This paper discusses that the Department of Education of US asserts that number of students enrolling in nontraditional means of education is increasing at a higher pace than number of students enrolling in traditional form of educational system. Chun states that as the number of students enrolling in educational systems that are not traditional in nature, it is needed that the method of delivery of education should be flexible enough to meet the requirements of individual students. (Information Science Reference 739). There has been tremendous amount of change in the demand for higher education throughout the world and distance learning has assisted traditional educational institutes in meeting these demands by overcoming several barriers of higher education with the assistance of technological advancements. Goddard has predicted that by the era of 2025 there will be over 150 million individuals that will be in pursuit of higher level education and this increase in demand will lead to various changes in the way through which individuals obtain higher education (Weller 8). In the 21st century employers have increased their demand updating of an individual’s skills and abilities while he works for an organization. Benefits Several benefits have been associated with online education, these include: meeting the requirements of nontraditional students who have various responsibilities such as career and family. These responsibilities do not allow or discourage nontraditional students from being a part of classroom style educational system.

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