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The first service is to share and exchange used books. The students are always in need of books whenever they enter a new semester or some new course material is introduced. With the increasing costs of the books, it is becoming difficult for the students to buy new books. rather it is effective and productive idea that students can share the books with each other for example if a student has passed a semester then he can offer them to exchange and share them with others. The second service is the tutoring facilities. In the modern competitive educational systems, many students find it hard to have a sound grasp on many subjects. Professors and experts are needed in order to teach the students. The proposed website will provide the tutoring services and students will easily locate the required experts and they can negotiate with them. The third effective service provided by the proposed website is to help the students’ in doing different kinds of dissertations, assignments, translation and problem solving. Options for online advertising Google ads are one of the most prolific and effective means of advertising. Google ads are given by different companies and business after a certain amount of traffic start coming to your website. In our scenario, the effectiveness of Google ads depends upon the quality of content and services. In the scenario of the website, our service will be advertised on different websites based on the preference we give to the Google ads. Most appropriate choice in this case is to give the Google ads of the website on the student learning outlets like essay help websites, science websites, research based websites, Slide sharing websites and mathematical problem solving websites. Because of these ads, the students will come to know that they can get help from our website in the academic domain and thus the traffic on our website will increase and more people will use our services. Pricing Cost-per-click (CPC) This option is more economical because we will only have to pay to Google when someone will click our ad, this we can also maintain a track of our website traffic and can change the package if it is not being proved to be productive. Normally Google charges around 1$ to 1.5$ per click on the ad in this scenario, average cost per click is the best option because the ads can be given different rate depending upon the media outlets. In average cost per click, the cost can get low as compared to absolute click cost. The other option is the geographic advertising known as Google places in which the service is displayed with the exact location. This option has the benefit that the customer can have the confidence that the potential service really exists and he contacts the service provider immediately. The cost of Google places is high and charged in advance by the Google. The packages are given according to the web rankings and the billing is increased when this threshold payment is increased. The initial billing threshold is of 50$ which is used for one month and full advertisement is done. After one month, the cost is increased to 200$ but the span of web rankings in increased drastically. In the scenario of the website, the initial package of 50$ is enough.

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