Organism from one of the Phyla

Choose any organism from one of the Phyla (animal, plant, fungus, bacteria) that we studied or will study in class. List the common and scientific names.
List its complete taxonomy from Domain to Species. Cite your source. Do not use Wikipedia.
Briefly describe the characteristics of your organism.
Describe the life cycle of the organism.
Summarize a peer-reviewed scientific journal article presenting research that focuses on your chosen species. The article must be a primary research article for credit to be awarded. Provide a link to the article in your references.
Keep this assignment to a maximum of two pages and use the following stipulations:

Times New Roman Font
12 point font
1 inch margins (top, bottom, sides)
Double spaced


“I’ve glanced through some of the early paper submissions. I’m seeing the same mistakes I usually see.
Things to note:
How do you write a species name? It’s in the rubric, so make sure you get it right!
The main part of this assignment is reporting back on the research article that you chose, so spend a very small amount of your paper with taxonomy and the general background. The majority should be on the article itself. Fill up those two pages!

The rubric shows that I count off for anything over 2 pages, but in reality I don’t. But, if I don’t give you a page limit, there are some students who will write 10 pages. What I will count off on is if you don’t write enough to cover the assignment. Do a good job, and you will be rewarded.”

“I can’t remember who was at my live video session when I discussed the article, so forgive me if you’ve already heard this.
The paper that you write should have the taxonomy and a small amount of background information including a life cycle (if appropriate), habitat, predators or prey, etc. But, the majority of your paper should be about the research article.
Some of you failed to turn in a research article and/or turned in something that wasn’t a research article. If this applies to you, you won’t get the 25% of the paper grade for identifying a research article, but I’m still grading your ability to find one if you look at the paper rubric (found in the assignment folder). For those of you who did submit a research article, now that you’ve identified one, you can change your mind and use a different one if you prefer, so long as it’s in your references with a link.
And remember, do not quote your source. Paraphrase and cite your source. I provided some silly examples in the live session.
Something like:
I just read an article about carbon capture and volcanic rock that’s spread on a farm.
If the article says:
“Spreading of crushed volcanic rock sequesters 0.3% of emitted carbon dioxide over a 3 week period when compared to a control” (Calvin and Hobbs 2020).
That would be fine in a literature class. But, when scientists write papers, they generally do not quote. Instead, they paraphrase and cite.
Researchers in Ireland found that the distribution of volcanic rock helped to decrease carbon dioxide levels by 0.3% (Calvin and Hobbs 2020).
That’s how you paraphrase.”

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