Organization and Employees

The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Organizations have started formulating effective strategies that seek to make the organization a comfortable place for employees. Effective organizational policies lead to employee satisfaction which in turn promotes organizational excellence. Firms are increasingly shifting from the traditional practice of vertical organization structure to horizontal organizational structures. Horizontal organizational setups offers numerous advantages over vertical organization setups. Horizontal organization setups provide considerable responsibilities to employees and is characterized by the presence of low levels of hierarchy which promotes faster decision making. This is critical considering the fact that fierce competition prevailing in the market call for organizations to have faster decision-making capabilities (Daft, 2009, p.93).The present study would concentrate on various aspects of teamwork and organizational excellence towards attaining organizational efficiency. It would also focus on the aspects of organizational culture and design that determine the competitiveness and efficiency of the organization. A comparative analysis of two cases from different organizations would be used to have a better analysis of the topic of study. The two cases represent contrasting situations with regard to their strategies that have been adopted by these two organizations. The study would finally conclude with a set of plausible recommendations for the organizations.The case study provided for the study presents two contrasting organizations named Safe Mint UK Ltd and Dockland Solutions Limited. The two organizations operate in similar macroeconomic scenarios as they are based in the same geographic regions. The two organizations display a contrasting approach to teamwork. On the one hand, Mint UK Ltd has a staff strength of 407 individuals of which 300 constitute shop-floor workers. The entire workforce is divided into five teams comprising of 60 workers each who are led by a team of three supervisors designated as the project managers and report directly to the board of directors. Further analysis of the company reveals the presence of large scale inefficiency in the top management as well as ineffective team management which has led to large scale employee grievances. These grievances have reduced the efficiency of the firm which has resulted in serious issues for the new firm where employee unions have started blackmailing the organization. In this scenario, development and modernization has taken a back seat which has plunged the firm into a dismal state for the first time in history.

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