Organization and Program Development

Grants come from organizations, not individuals. The Organizational Capacity Assessment is closely connected to the final proposal. Your task is to serve the organization &  examine the organization for which you will write the program/grant proposal. This will help determine the capacity of the organization to seek new funding to expand its services through a grant. You may choose any agency or organization you wish, but it should be one with which you have a connection and interest, as your program proposal will come from this organization.     The primary tasks of this assignment are to understand the organization better and to assess the organization’s capacity to carry out a proposed program. Much of the descriptive information you gather will also be included in the proposal, so quality work is to your benefit. You are encouraged to utilize online resources, agency brochures and/or annual reports, and interviews with clients, staff, and supervisors in order to obtain the needed information. Thus, you want to write in an academic narrative format, with citations as necessary, as opposed to a personal opinion paper, or simply answering the questions. (Note that questions 4 c& d may be your opinion, but make sure it is an INFORMED opinion – that is an opinion backed up with some kind of data.).   If you plan to focus on a large organization with many units (for example, a hospital or county social services department), you may begin with a brief overview of the large setting but focus the analysis on a particular unit within the larger organization.   Your 5-7 page report should include:   A basic description of the organization: What is the name of your organization? What are the mission and vision of the organization? What are the goals and objectives of the organization? What is the organization’s legal auspice? Does the organization have a strategic plan? What are the organization’s program goals for the future?   A description of the existing structure and services of the organization: What is the history of the organization? What client population or populations does the organization serve? What services or programs does the organization provide? What is the administrative structure of the organization? (Provide an organizational chart) How many staff members work at the organization? How are the programs funded? List all funding sources by the program. (provide a representative list)   A description of the organization’s relationship to its environment: What niche does the organization or program fill in the community (what needs does the agency address)? Are there other organizations in the area that also provide these same services? (note – be brief here!) What is the demographic composition (# or % by age, race, income, gender) of the clients at the organization? What is the demographic composition (# or % by age, race, income, gender) of the staff at the organization? With which collaborating organizations or agencies does your organization work to provide services?   An analysis of the organization’s ability to optimally function and adapt to change. How well does the agency serve the identified goals and objectives? Does the agency actually meet its mission? What are the primary strengths of the organization and the organization’s capacity to develop a new program? What are the current challenges facing the organization?   Your report should include necessary citations in APA format for all references (e.g. web pages, manuals, pamphlets, etc.).

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