Organizational Assessment Tools

Topic of Discussion: Organizational Assessment Tools Based on Army doctrine, organizational policies and directives, and your personal experiences, how would you engage in the following activities?  At a minimum, incorporate two of the below standards in your discussion.Identify gaps between the workforce on hand and the human capital needs of the organization.Implement strategies to close gaps in areas such as employee engagement, training/retraining, and organizational adaptability.Develop a plan for contract support, enduring management practices, and improving organizational culture.Reflection Questions: To incorporate into the Discussion:What are the generational differences between Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y?List the educational disparities between junior and senior noncommissioned officers in the military? How will that influence the way you lead?How have technology trends changed human resources processes in the Army?How does the evolving social contract described in Chapter 3 influence the U.S. Army?How does corporate social responsibility apply to the Army? What areas can we improve upon with talent management in the U.S. Army?What is engagement? Why is it so important? What is wrong with current measures that address engagement?What kind of systems does the Army HR have? Do you think that the systems work? Why or why not?Why is adaptability important? Who needs to adapt? What happens if you have a Soldier that can’t adapt to military life?What are some of the strategies to employ in order to get multigenerational workers to respond, create organization adaptability competencies, and manage a highly diverse and global workforce?How do you see the application of practices for engaging The 21st Century Workforce.

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