Organizational Behavior in Equifax

I have identified EQUIFAX as a company with an ineffective OB(Organisational Behavior) practice  Write on, 1. A good overview of the company 2.Its major business 3.Strategic goal 4.Vision 4.Structure etc Show sufficient background information that may impact on the OB issues 5. A detailed description of the ineffective OB practice  You need to identify practices relevant to one or more of the; Leadership, motivation, teamwork, communication, etc. please refer to the textbook  Organizational Behaviour, concepts, controversies and applications 8th Canadian Edition, Langton Nancy, Robbins, Stephen P, Judge, Timothy A 6.Describe what you found, reliable information and evidence. Use simple, direct and unambiguous language( use Ivey or Harvard Business Review cases as a sample of structure) Times new roman,12 point font, single-spaced, 1 inch all around margin Reliable Sources CBC,Financial post,Bloomberg Business,The wall street journal,The Economist,Marketwatch , archival data, Web Resources, media Information and academic sources.

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