Organizational Change

This assignment is designed to integrate content from the readings, develop analytical skills, planning change in communities and organizations, and policy practitioner as change agent. You will use scholarly references and literature to build your case for change. Your paper should follow this outline:1. Briefly introduce the population, the problem/condition, and the organizational arena. (1 paragraph)2. Summarize your problem analysis — Cite relevant literature on both the target population and the stated problem (theory, research, evaluation, and practice findings); supporting data, relevant historical incidents, and potential barriers to problem resolution; include target population perspectives; and speculate about the etiology of the problem. (2 pages)3. Based on your analysis, state your intervention hypothesis. (1 statement)4. Describe the organization in which the problem is occurring, list participants according to systems, and describe what role(s) the social work change agent will play in the change episode. (1 page)5. Discuss system readiness for change — Include openness to change, anticipated or actual response, available resources, and outside opposition. (1 page)6. State your change approach (policy, program, project, personnel, or practice) and why you have selected this approach, including political and interpersonal considerations, resource considerations, and the likelihood of success. (1 page)7. Discuss and provide a rationale for the strategies and tactics you will use, including why you consider this to be a focused or a transformative change. (1 page)8. State goals and objectives that could be used to evaluate your intervention — develop at least one goal with two outcome objectives. Select one outcome objective and develop three process objectives and one set of activities. (1 page)9. Critique the rational planning process involved in prescribing your outcomes and examine the pros and cons of using an interpretive planning process that allows for emergence in the context in which you are intervening. (1 page)The results will be an 8 to 10-page double spaced paper. Use one-inch margins and no less than a 12-point font. One point will be counted off for each additional page beyond 10 (title page and reference pages not included). Use the American Psychological Style Manual (APA) for referencing.

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