Organizational Data Essay

1. Write a short essay related to data privacy. 2. Explain what it means to say, “variables must vary.” 3. List and define the four levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio). In your opinion, which one or more is the most appropriate for statistical analysis. Explain. 4. Compare and contrast the characteristics of continuous and discrete variables. What is a common challenge of trying to calculate statistics using discrete variables? 5. Identify the level of measurement for the following examples and explain why you selected the level you did for each: a. Career field (e.g., accountant, production manager, etc.) b. Temperature in Fahrenheit c. A job satisfaction survey measured as “disagree, neutral, agree” d. Total sales for a firm 6. Identify each of the following types of a variable (e.g., continuous versus discrete) and explain why you selected the category you did for each: e. The number of workers in each department of a large organization (e.g., workers in production, sales, accounting, etc.) f. The dollars of revenue earned during a fiscal year g. The number of software licenses available to employees in a firm h. The average annual salary of middle managers of an organization

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