Organizational Development and Change

Turn to the Chapter 10 of your Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence text and review the Baldrige National Quality Award information (pages 519-536). Prepare an essay of 300-500 words responding to the following:First, look through the list of past Baldrige Award recipients in Table 10.1 on pages 521-523. Pick one. You may wish to select a company from an area (i.e. small business, health care, education, not-for-profit, etc.) of interest to you.Then review the Baldrige Award criteria and categories on pages 524-530.Do some research on the quality philosophy, quality management approach and results for one of the company you selected. Identify key points about quality in one of the categories seven categories (pages 525-526) that seemed outstanding to you.Textbook: Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence by James R. Evans and William M. Lindsay, 10thEdition, South-Western Publishing, 2015.

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