Organizational Effectiveness

For each Discussion Forum Topic, thoroughly respond to each of the questions in the discussion prompt. The post should be substantial (300-350 words) and should integrate the readings and media from the week as well as outside sources if appropriate. Use complete sentences and proper syntax, spelling, and grammar. Cite all sources in APA. NOTE: There will be TWO questions needing to be answered and each question MUST have a minimum of 300 words each. Question 1: Why is power important for leaders?  Using the reading this week as the foundation for your post, compare and contrast power, politics, and ethical decision-making.  What do leaders need to understand the role of power, conflict and ethical decision-making?  Provide at least 2 examples to support your answer. Question 2: Using the results of your MBTI (see attachment), describe how you approach conflict generally.  As a leader, what do you need to be more aware of to help resolve conflict?  What steps can you take to help others resolve it in healthy ways at work? Class materials from this week (please use these in the discussion post): (1) Robbins, S. & Judge, T. (2019). Organizational Behavior (18th ed.). New York: Pearson. – I can give you a way to access the textbook if needed (2) Tichy, N. [Noel Tichy]. (2014, June 12). Judgment: How winning leaders make great calls – Noel Tichy. [Video]. YouTube.

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