Organizational Ethics

Chosen topic: “Not speaking up when unethical practices become evident”In your paper:1- Describe an ethical situation, based on the chosen topic, can get in the nurse’s way of practicing ethically. Describe the situation clearly and concisely.2- Identify how this situation relates to one provision within the Code of Ethics for Nurses.3- Identify two ethical principles that may arise when facing this situation.4- Discuss how a nurse might lessen the impact of the situation on the nurse’s practice.5- In addition to the course texts, cite and reference a minimum of two (2) additional scholarly sources to support your work.6- Close with a summary of your topic, and APA formatted references.Please be advised that. I only was able to provide 30 pages from the book, including Chap 12, which is the chapter explaining this content, but the book’s name is below.Books Name: “Nursing Ethics: Across the Curriculum and Into Practice”Author: Jane B. Butts and Karen L. RichPublisher: Jones & Bartlett LearningEdition: 4th (2016)

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