Organizational Loss Prevention

Topic:   Organizational Loss Prevention       Conventional Research Paper Due Outs:   5 tasks to be completed.   Task 1:  Post draft Premise Statement, Problem Statements, Definitions, and any Study Limitations in this Assignment section.     Task 2:  Applied Research Methodolgy is due to the course. Be sure to include comments on both Primary Research and Secondary Research.  Write in future tense here; past tense in your Paper.  Survey instruments and/or apparatus you will be using are due for approval.  (Provide actual questions as part of this assignment.)   Task 3:  Students are to submit a proposed bibliography (references) that will be used to support their Project Report or Conventional Research Paper.   Task 4:  Students are to post a Power Point presentation (slides) consistent with a 20 to 30 minute oral presentation.  This presentation should be an overview of their paper.  Present points rather than restating the paper.  Elements should include what was the focus of the paper, including findings, etc.   Task 5:  Final Conventional Research Papers are to be posted.  

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