Organizations and communities

Read these three student discussions and respond back in the next hour – 4 sentences is fine just make sure to give your opinion on the student discussions. doesnt need to be a long response just enough give feed back – I NEED THIS IN AN HOUR – i need to submit before midnight Discussion one-M. Pellerin  Re: Topic 8 DQ 1Organizations and communities should work in tandem in order to get best results for both. An organization that fails to keep the community in mind and give back in ways of donations, volunteering or other events, will struggle to maintain a good relationship with the community and therefore, lose customers and support. According to Friedman (2008), a businessman felt as though his role and the company itself developed a positive relationship with the community because they create job opportunities. However, upon more discussion, “he realized, his influence on society is not just about job creation but also about the values this company represents and how those values spread from the business organization into the local community” (para. 5).I would argue that it does not take much effort to create and maintain a good relationship with the community as long as the company goals align with the community and there is a two-way line of communication open. I definitely believe that community should be a factor when making decisions. If it will affect the community, then they should be kept in mind and maybe even consulted, which could help the relationship moving forward if open lines of communication is available.Discussion 2- Re: Topic 8 DQ 1Organizations have either a positive or negative impact in the community. Some organizations are beneficial to the community. For instance, if the corporation protects the environment the community will benefit because the organization has a positive impact in the society. For instance, the impact of these organizations could vary from increasing the educational levels to protecting wildlife. On the other hand, if the corporation decides to do illicit business the it will have a negative impact in the society. This negative impact could have an impact not only on the environment, but also on the social and intellectual development of human beings. Macho?ová-Schellongová Ivana, States “There is no doubt about an impact of corporate and business operations on human rights, both positive and negative. Growing influence of corporations, power shift between business and states, as well as the complex nature of corporate governance and transnational operations require international regulations.”Organizations have to consider the effect they are going to have in a community. This organizations can swift the cultural organization of the society by implementing a new way of living. It is very important to understand and protect citizen’s rights when a new corporation interferes with the community. Discussion 3- Re: Topic 8 DQ 2I think that the community values of a given area should directly influence the operation of an organization in regard to ethics and decision making. While this can occur anywhere, I think that it is often more prominent in smaller communities, due to organizational decision making having a more direct and therefore greater effect on the community in general and as a whole. In a study by Jenkins (2007), a superintendent was evaluated in his decision making as it directly reflected the entirety of the small population of 200 individuals who lived there. It was seen that religious and socio-economic characteristics should be evaluated and that because it was a rural area, human rights needed to be greatly supported within the local community (Jenkins, 2007). Because every community will vary, based upon their known and perceived values, extensive care and attention should be paid in researching and understanding community values so that they can be best addressed in decision making.

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