Outdated Technology in Lockheed

Lockheed is a very crucial and necessary business that assists in many developments for the United States Military. It is apparent that their existence in this field contributes to many successes within our country. In having such high requirements to fulfill, it is imperative to make sure all software and hardware are the most recent and updated.A majority of the systems seem to be outdated whether it comes to computers or software.There are many other government contractors out there that are a clear competition. These other companies have been staying up to date and evolving much faster than LM. This outdated technology has significantly affected the production. Getting this change and reshaping matters because it will benefit the enterprise’s employees, which then benefits the company.Your report should be written directly to a person within your real situation who has the authority to decide whether to accept your recommendations. Your tone should be appropriate to the situation–in most cases it will be fairly formal.Body of ReportAll reports should introduce a problem, analyze criteria for a solution, evaluate several solutions against the criteria, and recommend the best solution(s).Prefatory and Supplemental ElementsYour report should include the following:a letter or memo of transmittala cover pagea title pagean executive summarya table of contentsat least two visualsreferencesappendicesLengthYour report should be as long as it needs to be, but will probably run about 8  pages (2,000 words), excluding the front and end matter.

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