Own Race Effect and Extension

Lab Report includes only introduction, method and result of experiment 1 Phenomenon: Own Race Effect Two-stage Experiment 1: work on the own-race effect and sees what could we observe as a class Experiment 2: a follow-up question on experiment 1 Introduction Overview of the area Review literature related to the topic Introduce your aim; explain its importance (What is your research is about; Why you did it) State your hypothesis and justify them (What is your expected result and why) The hypothesis of both experiment 1 and 2 Experiment 1 Method (Should contain enough information for someone to replicate the study) (28%) How did you conduct the research Participants Who participated (PSYC 2007 Students) How many participated (130) How they are selected/sampled/ recruited (eg. opportunity sampling) Identify important characteristics (eg. gender, age, year of study, ethnicity) Measures Describe the experimental design Procedures How the data collection process took place How was the experiment run What did we ask the participants to do Any written/ verbal instructions etc Result State the results but don’t interpret them here Include descriptive statistics when reporting results APA-formatted table. For more information on Own Race Effect and Extension check on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-race_effect

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