P Value

Exercise Set 6.4 #33 page 463: “A research project. Statisticians are quick to point out that p-values are sometimes misunderstood. For example, in a drug trial, the p-value is not the probability that the drug is ineffective. You will find many references to the incorrect use of p-value on the Web. Investigate these and write a report on your findings.” Find at least two references. Cite the source of your example in your reference list.Part 2: MathematicsUse your textbook and the references from Part 1 to answer the following (See the “Uploads” section below for instructions on submitting this portion of the project):Give the formal definition of the p-value. [15 pointsRestate the definition of the p-value using your own words. [15 points]Based upon the definition of the p-value, what does the p-value from your research in Part 1 tell us. [15 points]For your research in Part 1, how has the p-value been utilized incorrectly? [15 pointsPart 3: Interpret the ResultsWrite a paragraph summarizing all of your findings from Part 2. You will not receive credit for a list. This is to be a paragraph that reads as a statistical narrative of your findings. [35 points]Part 4: References[5 points]Create a References List at the end of your report. Cite all of your sources using the APA Style Guidelines. The APA Style — Purdue Writing Lab — Purdue University website is a useful resource for this task. Note that automatic citation generators are not always accurate, and if you choose to use this tool, it is your responsibility to check the citation generated against the current APA Style Guidelines for accuracy.

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