Pacific Islander family

Attached is the entire project rubric. It has everything you need. The case study that is found in the rubric that you need to use I will attach separate as well.I need this paper written in sections so it has 4 sections and I need you to label which section you have written. also each of sections 1-3 need to be 2 pages each and the 4th sections only has to be 1 page.Include at least five references cited in APA format.Here is a quick overview of the prompt that is also found in side the guidelines attachmentPromptYour case study and care plan evaluation should address the following prompt: For this project, you will be evaluating the provided case study and care plan.Using the case study, you will first assess the impact of physical and psychological trauma on the children and family, as well as how this creates needs for the clients. Next, you will assess the primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions for how they address crises. This will lead to evaluating the plan overall for its ability to address the acute and ongoing needs of the children and family, as well identifying and providing recommendations for gaps in the service. Finally, you will discuss the case-specific risks to the practitioner’s well-being and recommend evidence-based referrals and interventions to address exposure to ongoing trauma.

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