Pacific Islander

Values of the West and Pacific Islander  (answer each numerical bullet in the form of an essay, not as separate short answers) IDENTIFY and DEFINE one common cultural value held by both the Westerners and the Pacific Islanders / Tahitians. DESCRIBE how each culture applies that same value to the other. PROVIDE proof of the value using at least three (3) sources found in the module. Writing Expectations for all options: USE the MLA_template_Word.doc(replace template’s text with your own) IDENTIFY the option you will answer in the form of an essay, not separate short answers to each bullet. I should see the intro, body, conclusion with the appropriate elements in each of these major paragraphs. PRESENT evidence through summary, paraphrase, or direct quotation  INSERT the appropriate in-text citation for all paraphrases and quotations. USE transition words or phrases between sentences and paragraphs. INCLUDE a Works Cited list.  See:  Help with Citations (Weekly)>Week 1. CHECK spelling, grammar, and mechanics before posting. INSERT the word count for your essay. 

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