Paget Disease Research Paper or PowerPoint PresentationRequired details need to be placed in logical order.1. Introduction – explain to the reader what you are going to be presenting.2. Pathologya. Explain in detailb. Adequate research/Show knowledge of topic3. Describe the routine or trauma x-ray positions that would be performed to demonstrate your pathology.a. How you positioned the patient for the exams (Upright, supine, oblique, etc.)b. Be sure to include any special films or positions/projectionsc. Materials used during the exam if it includes trauma positionsd. Technical factors used (kVp, mAs, SID)4. Related testsa. Tests that were done to correlate diagnosisb. Further tests that might be needed (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.)5. Prognosisa. Follow up care (Surgery, Physical Therapy, etc.)6. Conclusiona. Highlights the entire paper. No new information is included in the conclusion.b. Refer back to the introduction so that the reader knows that what you said you were presenting was presented.Your paper or PowerPoint Presentation must be in APA format· Use quotes where appropriate· In text citations for all information· Reference page with at least 3 references (1 peer-reviewed article)ImagesAlong with your written paper you also need to include x-ray images that demonstrate your pathology. This can be attached at the end of your paper in a Word document or PowerPoint.

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