Palliative Care Essay

Task instructions:   As our population ages, we have more of society living longer with chronic disease & disability. Many of us have an idea of how we would like to be medically managed as we age & at the end of our life, but many of us do not have these conversations with those around us.   Victorian has recently formalized the Law relating to Advanced Care Planning & Advanced Care Directives in order to address some of these issues. Respecting choices & ethical considerations are fundamental components of these discussion.  Discuss.   1.     Using this statement, you are required to write an argumentative submission; either you agree or disagree against the use of ACP/ACD 2.     For this argumentative discussion, you are required to discuss the significance of ACP/ACD 3.     The relevant legal framework in VICTORIA 4.     Best practice in preparation & utilisation of ACP/ACD 5.     Ethical principles & dilemma relating to ACP/ACD ·         S must submit a reference list using APA format.  ·         Minimum 7 References- 2010 onwards

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