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Select works by these artists: Georges Seurat, Edvard Munch, Odilon Redon Choose at least one work by an artist, designer, architect, filmmaker, or other cultural producer that we have NOT addressed in class and argue why this work should be included in the history of Modernism. In your paper you should address how the work or works you’ve chosen by this person exemplify, extend, complicate, or perhaps challenge the understandings of Modernism encountered in class and in the readings so far. Your paper should include a close description and analysis of the work(s) you’ve selected as well as some information about its creator. The work can be from any time or place but you need to argue why it should qualify as “Modernist” and how it can deepen our understanding of that concept. Any sources you consult must be cited in proper MLA or Chicago format. Acceptable sources include books, exhibition catalogs, academic articles in peer- reviewed journals, and industry publications (e.g. Artforum, Domus, Cineaste, etc.). News articles or reviews from established sources (e.g. New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, etc.) are acceptable but do not carry the same status as peer-reviewed academic publications and must be treated as such. While you of course may use other websites to help you choose your work or artist, you should NOT use personal websites, blogs, Wikipedia, etc. to help you make your argument.

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