Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Activation

Parasympathetic and sympathetic activation are two competing effects of the autonomic nervous system. Many organs have dual innervation, allowing changes in a split second through chemical messengers. Your task is to discuss how the autonomic nervous system responds to changes in homeostasis and provide a comparison between autonomic and somatic nerves. You are making your way to your car when suddenly your overly friendly neighbor pops out from behind a bush and yells “Surprise!” Focusing on one organ with dual innervation -What physiological events are happening in your chosen organ as you are going about your normal morning routine? -How does being frightened by your neighbor alter the biological processes in your chosen organ? Be sure to include chemical messengers involved in inducing this change in the physiological state. -How do the two branches of the autonomic nervous system maintain homeostasis in your chosen organ? -Provide a brief comparison between autonomic and somatic peripheral nerve action.

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