Peer Discussion and Summary with Parents

*Form a thesis about how literary or other artistic creations and governmental or other social bodies affect one another. You will bring your thesis, along with support, to your peer discussion. You might present a thesis about good or bad ways in which these two entities interact or about how you think they should interact. *Use these ideas to help you formulate your thesis. Your thesis can focus on one or several genres.   Discuss the role that literature and art in general play in people’s lives. Part A – COMPLETED Record the names of the discussion participants. If you organized the discussion, record how you know the other person and summarize how you chose and invited him or her and how you organized the time and place for the discussion. Parents – due to COVID we organized via FACETIME on our phones in our home Part B Record the thesis and supporting statements that you shared with your peer/parents.  Part C During the discussion, what main points did your peer make supporting your thesis, opposing your thesis, or raising new questions or related observations and thoughts?

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