Peer Discussion

Review your classmates’ posts and respond. Each peer response should be a minimum of 50 words. In your peer responses, Consider the soft skills they identified as critical to their professional success. How are yours similar or different? What advice can you give on how they can further develop the soft skills they identified? Recommend one other resource from Career Services and Alumni Relations that may help your peers as they pursue their goals. An important part of your learning involves the exchange of ideas and feedback with your peers and instructor. It is also tied to the participation and critical thinking components of your earned discussion grade. Please respond to this peer with the instructions listed above Peer response please respond to this student below Raya: I want to be an officer in the Air Force, and for me to be able to reach this professional goal and success I have four soft skills that will come into play. The first soft skill is interpersonal communication because as an officer in the Air Force I must be able to speak to people and understand different perspectives and point of views to be successful. I must also be able to talk to airmen and be there to comfort them if they need it. The second soft skill is a leadership presence. As an officer I need this soft skill to be able to show my peers and every one of lower ranks that I am able to be there for them and the leader they need instead of someone who does not care about them and takes them for granted. The third soft skill is time management, being an officer I need this skill to be successful because I must be able to manage my time wisely and be organized, so that I do not let important information get past me that needs to be done in a certain amount of time… The fourth and final soft skill that is important for my success is teamwork. As an officer this skill will help me be successful because being able to take feedback and constructive criticism from my peers is important. Another thing is that being able to work together allows us to get more work done and seeing how each of us has different insights and information that may work better as opposed to if we were working alone. One resource is from the Career Services and Alumni Relations that can help support me in my career goals is the Building a Resume. Building a Resume may help me with the pursuit of my goal for being an officer by being able to show me examples of all the criteria that I have and the criteria that I need to meet for me to be able to finish in order for me to be successful. This may also be able to help someone in the civilian world find a job because this resource helps you, “to create and optimize a modern resume. This resource is self-paced and will take approximately 30-45 minutes to explore.” The second resource is from the Apply for Jobs resource. The Apply for Jobs resource may help me with the pursuit of my goal because if I do end up getting out the military this resource will help me apply and find a job while also help me build a resume in My Career section. Both resources will help me because they give me an alternate route to go if my goals change. They will also help me with the current route even though my goals are military based a lot of jobs in the military have requirements like any other job so these will help me prepare for whichever road I choose to go. For more information on Peer Discussion check on this:

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