Peer Reviewed Journal Critique

Since the theme of this week is comprehension instruction, find an article in a peer reviewed journal that concentrates as closely as possible on your content area of science teacher, your level of students (11th grade), and comprehension instruction.  What is a peer reviewed journal?  It is any journal that has a review board established to review and make decisions on whether an article meets the publication’s mission and standards in order to get published.  You can easily tell a peer reviewed journal because inside the cover will be a list of the reviewing board, but if you don’t see a printed copy of the journal, you can bet that any of the organization journals—journals published by the National Council of Teachers of English, Social Studies, etc. —are peer reviewed, for example.  There are many available online through the library and other sources.  Choose a current article, no more than two years back. Choose and read your article.  Write a one to two page critique of the article.  Please refrain from, “I like this article” or “I don’t like this article.”  Why did you choose it?  What valuable information concerning comprehension in your content area did you learn?  Would you recommend the article?  Would you like to know more as a result of what you learned in the article?  Please include full bibliographic information in APA style, and submit your critique.

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