Performance Evaluation and Action Plan

Consider the following questions to begin analyzing the situation: What do you consider the responsibility of the team lead/department chair in assisting the outlier teacher? What stakeholders should be included in the conversation relative to next steps? Are these individual conversations or a group discussion or both? What questions should be considered when making a determination about the next steps? Part 2: Identify the Larger Issues Consider the following questions to analyze the contextual issues present in the situation: What school or district policies might affect your decisions? What additional information do you need as part of your decision-making process? What are the potential positive and negative outcomes of doing nothing? What are the potential positive and negative outcomes of taking action? Part 3: Create an Action Plan Use the following questions to guide you in describing what approach you will take to assist the team lead/department chair to help the outlier teacher, including 3-5 specific action steps: What is your plan moving forward? How does your plan sustain a culture of collaboration, trust, learning, and high expectations? How will you include the critical stakeholders in the decision-making process? What challenges do you anticipate? How will you provide ongoing support to your team lead/department chair? How will you evaluate the results of your teacher leader’s efforts? What does the timeline look like? Support your analysis and plan with 2-3 scholarly resources.

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