Personal SWOT Analysis

Assignment 2.1: Personal SWOT AnalysisThis assignment requires you to apply written communication skills in order to associate leadership concepts with personal experiences. IMPORTANT!  REVIEW THE MODULE TWO READING MATERIAL PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS ASSIGNMENT!  It is always important to that in every module, but most especially as related to this assignment as you need to have a thorough understanding of what a SWOT Analysis is before you embark on this assignment.You have learned that SWOT stands for: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat.  According to the University of Kansas Community Tool Box (Links to an external site.), the  SWOT analysis method was originally developed for business and industry.  In the field of public health, a SWOT Analysis is often used in strategic planning for community health, but in this assignment, your individual SWOT Analysis is all about your personal and professional growth! Now that you have learned about what a SWOT Analysis is, and how it can be used, it is time for you to conduct your own personal SWOT Analysis.  Using the attached assignment template, work through the instructions, answering each section fully.  Be sure to refer to the attached grading rubric so that you are aware of the grading criteria.Assignment Instructions:Download the attached assignment template:  KINE 4354 Assignment 2.1 Personal SWOT Analysis_AP2_Accessible_BGarner-1.02.20.docxActionsSave it as an MSWord document only.Address and complete each section in the template. Be sure you type directly into the template.

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