Perspectives on Consciousness

A portfolio task requires you to select four portfolio tasks out of eight (two from each semester) and write 800 words for each of the tasks for the assessment.  The eight module topics cover differing perspectives in the study of consciousness (e.g., scientific, functional and philosophical perspectives). As stated above, the complete portfolio consists of four tasks (800 words each). The four short pieces of writing should then follow in order of writing and they must be identified with their title. Please note that the word limit does not include references. literature should be provided for all questions/ tasks. Selected questions: Question 1: Do you have free will?( 800 words) Question 2: Has cognitive neuroscience enhanced our understanding of consciousness? (800 words) Question 3: What does the influence of stimuli presented during REM sleep on dream content suggest about consciousness? ( 800 words) Question 4: Discuss some evidence for the non-conscious perception of emotion stimuli and consider its implications for our understanding of consciousness. ( 800) I will include a guideline and some lecture slides for each task/question. It’s important to follow the guide and the lecture slides will give you a general idea into the topic. This whole topic explores consciousness in psychology. Please make sure to use APA style and use the stated number of sources.

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