Persuasive Paper

DUE IN 30 HOURS Persuasive Paper Write your paper using whatever format you learned in your first freshman composition course. Topic: Television (Negative or Positive)1. Freewrite on the negative and positive effects of television and use this writing for the development of your essay.2. Take a stance. You need to decide if you will argue that television is negative or if it has a positive influence. You do not argue for both. Choose your audience.3. Develop a divisible thesis statement that you will defend in your paper. Make sure the thesis is one sentence with at least two focuses to develop: Television has a negative influence on teens because of its violent programming and influential advertising.4. Develop an essay of at least 2 pages; use 12-inch font; use 3rd person pronouns; no second person you; no commands.5. No outside sources! Your thesis is supported by details and examples that you provide.6. Type document in Microsoft word; 12-inch font; indent paragraphs; double space; save, click browse, upload document, and click “send for marking.” For more information read this:

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