Instructions:Prepare a full sentence outline for your persuasive speech on ending fast fashion. Explain what fast fashion is and what the social and environmental impacts are. Share about how fast fashion is not a good thing and provide information on its alternative: sustainable fashion. Please note that this outline must follow Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Be sure to label each part of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence on your speech outline.The persuasive speech is 6-8 minutes; therefore, your outline should reflect the required length of the speech.As a reminder, this speech is meant to persuade your audience to change their beliefs or actions based on your speech. Be sure to clearly state the issues with and the implications of fast fashion and persuade your audience to change to more sustainable options like thrifting or buying ethically sourced fashion. See the provided Week 6 Sample Persuasive Speech Outline. Replace red text with your outline.Be sure to provide sources to back up your speech and provide credibility.

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