Pets in Therapy Argumentative Essay

writing an Argumentative Essay about using pets in therapy  Develop your topic into an essay of 1000 words (+/- 10%).  Keep in mind that you are required to conduct a critical analysis on your topic by providing relevant evidence to support your arguments together with your own views.  2. Use a minimum of 8 credible sources to support your argument. Your sources can be referred to in your work using direct quotations, paraphrasing or summarising.  Please include at least 1 direct quotation and 3 indirect quotations (paraphrasing or summarizing). These must be properly formatted in the correct Reference Style 3. Include an introduction where you will briefly present your topic together with a Thesis Statement, a main body where you will analyse the main points, conduct the literature review and present your point of view, and finally end with a conclusion, where you will evaluate your findings.  4. Do not include subheadings (introduction, main body etc.) in your essay 5. add references list page

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