Pharmacology Research Writing

A 25 yr. old taxi driver has come to his healthcare provider to obtain information and help for his “Hay fever”. He says he does not know how to take his medication because OTC (over the counter) drugs seem so confusing. His condition is diagnosed as allergic rhinitis and is seasonal, with reactions lasting from May until the end of June each year. He also says that he is occasionally bothered by dust during the rest of the year. He complains of headache; congestion, sneezing, rhinorrhea, and itchy, burning, watery eyes.  Answer the following 3 questions, using 2 references, one should be your pharmacology book. 1. What are the disadvantages of antihistamines for those who drive or use heavy equipment at work? 2. How do second-generation antihistamines work but do not cause sedation? Dexamethasone has been prescribed for a patient with COVID-19. 3. Describe the mechanism of action that makes this drug effective in the treatment of this virus. * Burchum, J. R., & Rosenthal, L. D. (2019). Lehne’s pharmacology for nursing care. St. Louis, MO, MO: Elsevier/Saunders.

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