Philosophy Expository Essay

For this project, please carefully read the attached documents and use them as references for writing this paper. Please pay close attention to the “Guide for Writing in PHIL 1100” PDF file as it states all of the requirements for this project. Please answer “””ONE””” of the following questions in 2 pages (double-spaced): 1. What explanation does Socrates give for why the Oracle of Delphi’s claimed that there was nobody wiser than Socrates? 2. Why does Epicurus think that a life that focuses on pleasure should still be a just (i.e. law abiding) one? 3. What is Nagel’s response to arguments, such as Epicurus’s, that death should not be feared? You only need to read the attached documents based on the question you choose. *** Please cite ANY source that you use for this paper in APA style *** Also, please note that I will have more projects in the future and bonus will be awarded for high-quality papers. If you’ve read this far, please send “PHIL1100” to me in the chat. I look forward to working with you 🙂

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