Philosophy Final Paper

Over the course of the semester, we have studied, discussed, and reflected on a variety of ethical perspectives on what it means to be a good human being and live an ethical life. As Aristotle reminds us, however, knowing how to be a good person is only half the battle; we must translate what we know into action. So, for this assignment, your task is to choose one of the ethical theories we have learned about so far: utilitarianism (Ahmed Sara (2010) “utilitarianism and empire” in the promise of happiness, deontology, virtue ethics, or care ethics( held, the ethics of care) and live according to that ethic for two days. More specifically, during this two-day period, use your chosen ethical theory to guide your actions, decisions, and behaviors (within reason). After you complete this part of the assignment, write a 3 page, double-spaced reflection paper detailing your experience living like a utilitarian, deontologist, virtue ethicist, or care ethicist. In order to make your reflection paper as strong as possible, I suggest taking frequent notes during your two-day experiment to keep track of your thought process as you make decisions. Take note of how your chosen ethical approach might have led you to make different decisions than you would have originally made. Your reflection paper should clearly explain how you applied the ethical theory to your particular situation and the various considerations involved in your decision making. You might also consider questions such as: What was difficult about applying the ethical theory? What was easy about it? What did you learn about the practicality of your chosen ethical theory from this experiment? Have your views about the ethical theory changed because of the experiment?  Choose one that you want to write and i will upload resources later.

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