Philosophy of Science

1. Are there any other central characteristics of lawhood, aside from “exceptionless” and “necessary,” that are not mentioned in the naïve account?

2. Do you think that all laws must actually be manifested at some place and time in order to be a genuine law? Or can there be laws governing only merely possible objects, that, for whatever reason, never come to be? E.g., suppose it is possible for mankind produces a new kind of molecule “DoRilitatium” that WOULD exhibit law-like regularities WERE it to be created; but a giant asteroid kills us all before we create it?

3. Does it make sense to think that there are any “one shot” laws, or do laws have to be regular, occurring more than once? Why?

4. Of the five views, which do you find the most plausible/convincing? Why? How do you respond to the problems for that view?

5. Can you think of any problems for the nihilist views? That is, do we really NEED laws?

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