Physical Access Security

Using Google News, search for the term “physical security breach.” Locate three separate news articles on the search topic that were posted within the last five days.  To complete this exercise, please complete the following: For each of the three articles, you selected, summarize the attack. Include the date of the attack, the type of attack, who or what was affected, as well as any reported loss of revenue or personally identifiable information (PII). Describe what steps are or were taken to mitigate the attack or to resolve the issue. Determine whether the attack was preventable in each case. Based on your experience, explain why or why not. If you feel any of the attacks were preventable, please list what steps could have been taken. Outline physical access security best practices and how these steps could have been used to prevent the attacks listed in the three articles. Provide a screenshot that includes the article’s name and the date it was published, along with a valid URL for each of the three articles. For more information on Physical Access Security read this:

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