Physical Quantity

NamePartner’s Name Class and section number Date Title Objective: Restate the objective in your own words.Materials and Instrumentation: What is measured (the physical quantity related to purpose of the experiment)Under what condition (what quantities are kept constant; what quantities are measured?)What was used to make the measurement? What is its precision? If needed, provide a labeled sketch of the setup Data: Include all measured quantities with their units and sig. fig. or uncertainty of measurement include a copy of the data table. The table of data is not required if the data is collected using the logger pro (too many data points). The table of data can be handwritten, or a computer printout. Label everything Calculations and Analysis: Include all calculation steps related to physical quantities as well as the error analysis in this section. Include any graphs. Results: Report the results of the experiment including their uncertainty of measurement in an appropriate format Discussion and Conclusion: Why did we do this experiment? (Essentially what are we testing?)How did you accomplish the objective? (Mention how what you did relates to the concepts being tested)Do your results support the concepts tested? If not, briefly mention why not.What were the potential sources of error? (Human error is not accepted)Also, answer questions stated in the lab manual

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